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Title: Black Hole.1  (ENG)

Series: Durarara!!

Circle: DUDE

Rating: R15

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya, Shizaya

Scans, translation, and edits: soltarination

Download: ge.tt | mediafire

TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: This doujinshi ends on a cliffhanger. There is no sequel, despite the author’s note saying there will be one. Please do not message me about the sequel. If DUDE ever releases it, I will announce it on my tumblr as well as update this post.

This is a continuation of the New Game + series. It is recommended you read those first. You can find them here.

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Q: I want to know... what is the name of the movie or the series you posted on your blog ? You know, the image where there's one guy said "Too precious for this world !". Just want to know the name of this :3
Asked by: Anonymous

It is from the show called Supernatural :) I really recommend watching the show if you haven’t already!!